Pillar Box Red

I hate our mailbox.  I’ve never been keen on it but I’ve just got so fed up with it these last few weeks that I feel the need to write about it. 

It is a topic that vexes a few of us Poms (like my friend and fellow blogger A Life On The Flipside) as, before moving to Australia, we were used to having our post delivered directly into our home through the letterbox in our front door. This, admittedly, did have a few drawbacks; like not being able to open the front door when you came back from a long holiday or if a parcel managed to get itself wedged under the door, but generally it was a pretty good system.  Here we have a mailbox in the garden. There are lots of different types of mailbox; many are metal and out in the countryside most of them seem to be converted milk churns but ours is essentially a wooden box with slot in the front where the postie puts the post and a door at the back where we take it out and it looks like this:   


Not that beautiful, but definitely better than one down the road:


All I want to do is collect any letters we may have. That’s all. Nothing complicated, nothing difficult. Oh, I wish…

You wouldn’t normally think that getting a letter would be a dangerous business but last week I found a redback spider lurking in the mailbox. We have found a scary-looking but completely harmless huntsman spider in there before but this was treading new ground. So before I could get the post I had to don a pair of rubber gloves, find our trusty bug tub, scoop up the beastie and get rid of it.

Yesterday there weren’t any spiders but there was a whole colony of woodlice along with a few snails and a couple of worms for good measure. So before I could read my post I had to brush the woodlice away and peel the snails off the envelopes. Nice.

A couple of days ago I went to collect the post only to find that it had disintegrated into mushy pulp where the rain had got into the mailbox. Thankfully there didn’t seem to be anything important, though it was difficult to be totally sure.

On returning from our Easter break we found that someone had pushed a rolled up free newspaper into our mailbox so hard that it had forced open the door at the back. So when the postie put our letters in the front they fell straight out the back and onto the ground and we came back to damp, muddy post strewn over the garden. Good thing there weren’t any high winds while we were away. Or maybe there were and some our letters just blew away somewhere – we’d be none the wiser.

So this is why I’ve had enough of our mailbox.  Getting post shouldn’t be dangerous, messy or down to pot luck. But it is. 

The The: Pillar Box Red

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